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The WHS Education Committee is proud to announce the third Chronicles of Wound Scene Investigation Webinar Series!

The WHS Education Committee has created access to the topics and materials presented in the "Wound Scene Investigation" sessions during the WHS/SAWC meetings starting from year 2010. The material is presented in the form of an electronic flip book called Chronicles of Wound Scene Investigation (WSI) in a way that the reader can follow each topic just like it was presented during the original WSI presentations. This includes a case-based approach with patient presentation, pathophysiology, underlying biochemical mechanisms and cell biology, treatments applied and treatment pearls, with evidence-based support.

Topics include Bacterial Toxigenesis, Biologics, The Charcot Foot Deformity, Pyoderma Gangrenosum, Osteomyelitis, The Chronic Wound Environment, Epithelialization, Malignancies Masquerading as Chronic Wounds, and much more...

Original Panelists: Bob Diegelmann, Greg Schultz, Lillian Nanney, Dot Weir, Lisa Gould, Lee Ruotsi

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The WHS and WHU are pleased to provide the Chronicles for review. Please note that these are for historical content purposes as well as educational purposes. Some of the older entries are included here to help with understanding of the development of treatment in the field of wound care.