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Wound Healing U is an online educational platform designed to provide educational content on wound care. All content is FREE to WHS Members. If you are not a WHS Member and wish to view the content, become a member today on the WHS Website.

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Chronicles of Wound Scene
The WHS Education Committee has created access to the topics and materials presented in the "Wound Scene Investigation" sessions during the WHS/SAWC meetings starting from year 2010. The material is presented in the form of an electronic flip book called Chronicles of Wound Scene Investigation (WSI) in a way that the reader can follow each topic just like it was presented during the original WSI presentations.
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WHS Innovation Series
A monthly webinar series focusing on new and innovative wound care topics shared through an online interactive platform. Upcoming Webinar Topics and Speakers to be announced soon.

WRR Fireside Chats
The WHS Communications Committee has created access to the WRR Fireside Chat video series feature groundbreaking research in Wound Repair and Regeneration (WRR).
Each video Drs. Mitch Sanders, PhD and Kyle Quinn, PhD will feature a recent article in WRR.